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What is Digital PR?

Harness the power of digital public relations and watch your traffic soar. My signature approach to SEO leverages elements of traditional public relations and marketing with standards that are critical to search engine results. Not every startup or small business has the same need, but they can all benefit from my strategy. Below are some of the digital marketing and public relations services I provide:


On-Page SEO

The structure and layout of your website can help or hurt your search engine results. My on-page optimization techniques meet Google’s standards for quality content and backlinking.

Digital PR

Optimized press releases create buzz and improve your backlink profile. I connect your message with hundreds of syndicated news sites, including the Google News feed.

Brand Engagement

Brand mentions are just as strong as backlinks. When your brand name gets mentioned on other websites, blogs, and news, you will start seeing a lift in direct traffic.

One-Size-Fits-All Strategy

Digital PR benefits any website in any industry. Think about how you research new products and services. You usually begin by searching online, as do the majority of today’s consumers. What are consumers seeing when they search for your product or service? If you want to make sure your website meets Google’s standards and be found in search engine results, I can help.


Whether you’re a graduate student building a portfolio, a celebrity or an individual, your online reputation matters when putting your best foot forward. You are your brand and it’s important to control what others see about you online.


Without a legacy or a unique product or service, it may be challenging to get ranked in search engine results. That’s nothing a strong SEO and digital PR strategy can’t overcome! Once you’re earning backlinks and brand mentions, you will begin to earn market share.


Established businesses may have the legacy a new website doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their share of hurdles to overcome. I can help you visualize your site’s SEO health and develop a strategy for quick results.

Local Shops

Brick and mortar retailers will fail without a local SEO strategy. A local business owner must convert online traffic into local foot traffic. The Backlink Queen can help your business get found when potential customers are looking for a product or service provider near them.

Ready for Real Results?

Results are my crown. I’ve seen my signature approach to digital public relations work for so many brands and individuals. Contact me today to discuss your goals and budget. I work with scholars, artists, lawyers, small business owners, and I 100% believe my techniques can help your content rise to the top of search results.